Meet Coach and Mentor Helena

Helena Sánchez is a Business Expert, and Master on Human Performance, Success, and Growth.

Founder and CEO of Love Now More Coaching.

Former Software Engineer and Corporate Trainer, Mentor and Consultant.

A Certified Life and Self-Empowerment Coach, with multiple specialties, climbed the corporate ladder fast in leadership, business management, and business quality and training, mastering the skills needed to run successful operations.

Helena, works with individuals, their families, business owners and corporations.

She helps people create outstanding confidence and faster results, while turning problems into solutions.

Passionate about women in leadership, Helena paved the way for others to be awarded the same opportunities as she had made for herself.

In 2019, just when she thought she would jump all in on her professional career, she had a marriage breakdown, having to move countries to start a new life.

A Master Certified Coach, Mentor, Expert in Business, Human Performance, Success, and Growth, Helena specialized in business advisory, leadership, growth, self-empowerment, and relationships.

Helena, not one to give in, instead created her now thriving coaching businesses and used this as her vehicle to leave the corporate world to create an impact on a larger scale.

She has trained and coached hundreds of people to create a business that brings them both lifestyle and wealth.

She is here to make a difference and remind others of their infinite potential.

Helena knows what she does because she has done it before! 

Your success is 100% guaranteed!

Helena Sánchez